RADIANT is well equipped to deliver the best of services. A truly integrated service partner, RADIANT has built sustainable advantage not just through its people but also best-in-class infrastructure with the finest of equipment as well as the latest hardware and software support systems. The installed Call Center  solution supports both Inbound and Outbound Call Centers. Based on next generation platform technologies Call Center solution enables efficient call handling, Configurable Interactive Voice Response System, Automatic Call Routing (ACD), Voice Logging/Recording, Authentication, Conferencing, Data base screen pops, Predictive dialing, Answering machine detection, etc. with detailed statistics  and reporting for reduced response time, improved customer experience and quality management of the operations. is a highly scalable Call Center Solution supporting three-dimensional scalability, which will enable the customer to scale up and optimize the operations as per changing requirements with vendor independence. Some key elements that form the comprehensive framework for BPO services at RADIANT are:

RADIANT streamlines your business process seamlessly. Strong process methodologies and business practices, allows RADIANT to help reduce your business risk and maximize your savings.